Alternate World, or Au, relates to a narrative invest an alternative universe on canon

Alternate World, or Au, relates to a narrative invest an alternative universe on canon

A more barely-used word to own “fandom” in our contemporary world is actually “fen”, a fun loving fake-pluralization out of “fan” that mimics “men”, the new plural kind of “man”.


Cannon (based on the fresh term’s use throughout the Christian faith and popularized in this context by the Baker Highway Irregulars) refers to the “official” supply point where lover fiction is going to be dependent. In recent years, particular fandoms features engaged in extended argument more than what exactly is or isn’t “canon”, always because of multiple editors in various media performing contradictory resource issue, like into the metaseries such as for example Dpire Slayer.

It is very important keep in mind that a thing that is regarded as “canon” is one of being basically a good proven facts regarding given fandom. Info as the cutting-edge as the laws out of physics inside the a given tale market or as moment as the exactly how a character’s name is supposed to be spelled is named “canon” information, provided they are specifically shown otherwise individually revealed from the supply material; this includes character behavior also, no matter if debate more exactly what do or can’t be believed “cannon conclusion” often is an issue of assertion inside the fandom. Occasionally, experts (such as for example Joss Whedon otherwise JK Rowling) and build about what try shown throughout the modern tale into the almost every other mass media, particularly personal other sites or blogsments to your character out-of a narrative or reputation straight from this new journalist are often experienced statements from “canon”.

Basically, “canon” in the context of lover fictional is both brand new acknowledged “official” point in itself, and a notion otherwise detail promoted from the completely new really works and you may/or perhaps in acknowledged “official” point.


Though it try not the same as cannon, fanon try an interrelated build in that the term surrounds formulated (non-canon or otherwise not affirmed to be cannon) activities otherwise issues, especially those which are utilized many times within the enthusiast fiction you to definitely they end up being seen by many people given that an extended area of the cannon. They feel memetic inside fandom as many writers and you can fans embrace an equivalent fanon, will in this a comparatively short-time figure.

Among typical reason for fanon is always to fill in identified contradictions or gaps in the canon by the responding (otherwise inquiring) concerns the source matter either will not or you should never target or have not managed ahead of. Perfect for example the original brands out-of Uhura and you may Sulu when you look at the Superstar Trip or the religion that phrase NCC function things, which were “fanon” well before specialized adoption.

Choice Market

So it world is more in a few top Afro-Amerikaanse dating sites indicates, such as for example AR (Alternate Fact), At (Choice Schedule), otherwise AH (Most of the People). The very last applies to fantasy otherwise science-fiction tales with non-human emails.

A narrative is also termed Au if the writer makes significant alter toward canonical land or premise, particularly eliminating from a primary reputation, altering characters’ motives otherwise associations, annulling major situations or switching the setting. Some well-known Bien au Harry Potter tales overlook the death of Dumbledore otherwise Sirius Black colored.

They might and include a great “what-if” test the spot where the writer wants to talk about what might features occurred if a particular canon occurrence had ended up in different ways – if the, like, Romeo hadn’t wandered anywhere between Mercutio and you will Tybalt into the Romeo and you will Juliet or if Harry Potter got sorted towards the a different Home on Hogwarts.

This means the world (universe) varies. The physics, geography, technology etcetera. are very different, age.grams. zero magic for the Harry Potter, no chakra when you look at the Naruto. Popular in this classification are HS (high-school) and you can college enthusiast fictions, in which the canon characters is actually written as children when you look at the real world university.