Jordan Valley inspiring great art & jewelry


Luly’s Studio at the Jordan Valley

“The Jordan valley is one of the most beautiful areas of Israel,” Luly Gutman said, looking out at the vast panorama of earth toned hills and mountains surrounding her studio in Moshav Roi. “The colors of the flowers and background hills changes with each season and simply inspire me to create what I like to think is a unique style of jewelry.”

Luly and her husband Eli, have grown flowers on their farm since arriving in the Jordan Valley in 1979. Her cultivated flowers as well as wild flowers serve as models for some of her jewelry pieces.  Once molds are made from the flowers or unusual fauna Luly has gathered, she pours molten silver into the mold. “It is work intensive,” explains Luly, “but the end result is that my floral jewelry pieces are individually unique with no two pieces turning out exactly alike.”

Luly’s runs Luly Jewelry. Her hand-crafted jewelry continues to grow in popularity.


Luly Jewelry Star of David designs


The main material Luly works with is silver embedded with gems or pearls. Turquoise is her favorite stone which she says represents Israel’s blue skies and waters.


Luly Jewelery nature inspiration


When approached with custom orders for jewelry, Luly has risen to the challenge.  “I recently designed and created a special ring design for a customer overseas. Her personal letter really moved me with pride in what I created. ‘Luly, thank you for the beautiful ring which was a 34th wedding anniversary gift from my dear husband. It is such a beautiful piece that I hope to hand it down to my daughter in the future.'”


Luly Judauca mezuzah cases

Also community oriented, Luly manages to find the time to conduct jewelry making seminars for senior citizens as well as youth. “I love to watch my students create jewelry, no matter what their age. The expression of satisfaction on their faces when they see the results of their work is an extremely rewarding feeling.

As a truly unique person and artist, the beautiful Jordan Valley hills as seen from Luly’s kitchen where she sketches new design ideas, will continue to inspire her future artistic work.